Current Projects

Below the cut is a list of writing projects that I’m currently working on. Enjoy!

FIREPROOF (The Tenth Plane: Book 1)
by Emily London

Tori Creegan is obsessed with fire. As a blacksmith’s daughter, it only seems natural that she’d be comfortable around the flames, but lately she’s been able to concentrate on anything but. 

On the eve of the Cactus Blossom Festival when fate leads her to be attacked by a mysterious Enchanter, she discovers that she can use the tenth plane, a rare branch of magic that allows her to manipulate fire. Now under the protection and guidance from her teacher, Faylin of Knoxlorn, Tori must travel with a group of knights to the capital of Coguard to attend Roulette Academy, the country’s elite school for manipulate the planes. There she must learn to control her power, else it escape her and burn down more than just her family’s shop. 

But the journey will take them into enemy territory, sparking a string of events that will alter the course of Coguard’s history. And Tori has a bigger part to play than she ever could have imagined. 

Fireproof–the first book in The Tenth Plane trilogy–is a humorous adventure about family, friendship, and rising to help others when you have the power to do so.

artwork done by ichan-desu

A NIGHT FULL OF RED (Night Soldier Expeditionary Force: Book 1)
by Feliza Casano & Emily London

On transferring to an all-girls academy, army brat Danika Brunswick hopes to make a fresh start–and she does at first: she’s become best friends with the gorgeous and popular Cara Davis, she’s well-liked among the other girls on the basketball team, and she may or amy not ahve found the love of her life. In fact, the only thing not going so smoothly is her relationship with her lab partner in AP Human Anatomy, Lily Song, a brooding junior whose disdain leaks from her eyeballs.

But while walking home with Cara one day, Dani’s beautiful new world crumbles when the world freezes around them–literally. They enter a time freeze, only to be attacked by a grotesque and soul-sucking monster. To their surprise, they’re saved by what can only be described as “magical girl,” the kind who looks like she came straight out of an anime: bright violet hair, a fluffy skirt, and weilding a pair of shiny magical swords. What’s more, she looks suspiciously like Dani’s disdain-leaking lab partner, Lily. 

Soon, Dani and Cara are recruited by the Night Corps, a mysterious organization dedicated to fighting monstrous Nightmares and the witches who summon them, a group collectively known as the Night Coven. After gaining a new power to help combat the Nightmares, Dani and Cara join with a three-person team–and come face-to-face with a terrifyingly angry Lily, who’s less than thrilled that the two have agreed to join the Corps. She prevents the two from engaging in combat until Dani and Cara get caught in a Night Coven witch’s trap. Will Dani find the strength and focus to protect the lives of her team?

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