REVIEW: FIREFIGHT by Brandon Sanderson

firefightHi everyone–long time no post! Once again I was asked to to be a guest writer on Girls in Capes–this time to write a review of FIREFIGHT by Brandon Sanderson, the sequel to STEELHEART.

For those of you unfamiliar with The Reckoners series, it’s a YA post-apocalyptic fantasy that takes place in a world similar to our own. Ten years ago a burst in the sky called Calamity gave people extraordinary powers. These people–called Epics–have the power to do anything from manipulating electricity to transforming into pigeons. You’d think that a world filled with people who have super powers would be great a place to live, right? Wrong! Apparently, with great power comes great desire to destroy and crush mankind’s will. Society as we know it crumbled under the might of the High Epics (those with top-tier powers) and now the remaining humans struggle to survive in a world where their “rulers” don’t really care if they live or die.

The series centers around David, a young man after revenge. When he was a boy, David watched the Epic called Steelheart murder his father and since that day has dedicated his life to studying Epics and their weaknesses. Thanks to his knowledge, he’s able to join a group of rebels called the Reckoners, trained citizens who have vowed to liberate humankind by killing every last Epic. But David quickly learns that things aren’t so black and white. There’s more to the Epics’ powers than he previously thought, and the closer he gets to the truth behind Calamity, the more he begins to question what really makes a super villain a villain…

*AHEM* Anyway, here’s a teaser from the review:

Even though FIREFIGHT takes place in the same universe as STEELHEART, Babylon is a completely different world, complete with half-submerged skyscrapers, luminescent fruit, glowing graffiti, and a water manipulating jet pack. The result leads you to believe you’re almost going through a post-apocalyptic wardrobe, landing in a city that borders on the fantasy line of speculative fiction. This setting made the perfect backdrop for David’s character as he begins investigate the truth behind Calamity — a truth that once revealed, will destroy everything you thought you learned in STEELHEART.

Is FIREFIGHT worth the read? Oh yes. Really want to know why? Go check out the full review on Girls in Capes! They’re also doing a giveaway. Contest ends on February 22, 2015.